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official site
2007-04 Young God Records re-releases Lullaby For Liquid Pig with a bonus CD.

2006-10 Bob Anderson has posted photos of Lisa's 6-10 show at Tonic in NY.

2006-06 Lisa Germano has released In the Maybe World on Young Gods Records.


Lisa Germano is a multi-instrumentalist who's released five albums featuring her distinctive violin and confessional lyrics. Her album Geek the Girl received widespread critical acclaim (and even made Spin's top 90 albums of the 90's list). is a resource center for Lisa Germano. I hope it will provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available. needs your support! I will monitor the links and scour search engines for more pages about Lisa Germano, but it will only become your one-stop shopping place for all things Lisa Germano if you send in reports of news and new online information to lisanews at this website.

Ok, I have to admit it, I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up this site. You have to realize that when I started it, it was during the down-time after Slide when the Internet widely thought Lisa had given up on the music business entirely! There were lots of crappy websites on the net that hadn't even been updated with Slide, and there was nothing like an official site or even an official fan site. I figured I'd plow through everything I could find, put it all up on the web, and update it once in a rare while since she was no longer active. I made the logo with MS Paint.

Then Lisa undermined my plan by releasing more albums! Which I'm actually grateful for in general, but it means this website is more work than I'd been planning on. And the internet got overall less lame. So when I go for six months without updating, keep this in mind.

Historical News

April 2003
Lisa releases "Lullaby For Liquid Pig", and there is much rejoicing!
October 2002
Lisa's "bonus" CDs Concentrated and Unusual, Rare, or Just Bad Songs are "released" direct-from-Lisa via
September 2002
Lisa's official site went live.
Lisa is featured on Yann Tiersen's new double-live-album "C'Etait Ici".
May 2002
Somebody posted three preview tracks from the forthcoming album (Lullaby for Liquid Pig) to the Yahoo club. Then they got taken back down a few weeks later.
April 2002
The website Lisa Germano Online announced that Lisa had a new album in the works, nearly ready to go. The site had been in contact with her manager, and everything seems to have been on the up and up. (People were a bit nervous that it was all a trick, as I think we'd all kind of given up hope on her ever recording another record.) The site is down again, though, along with their nice wallpapers that I've never seen anywhere else.
March 2002
Performed with Neil Finn in California and Texas; also Craig Kilborn show (Mar 11--thanks Paul) Your humble narrator saw the show at Slim's in San Francisco. Yay! Still trying to wrangle photos from the friend I went with.
February 2002
Performed with Yann Tiersen in Paris (thanks Julien)
October 2001
This site, Guillotine Love, goes live.
November 2001
Soundtrack to the movie "RAIN" features Cry Wolf & Phantom Love (reported by Mike Davies on Sychophant email)
October 2000
(discovered October 2001)
Mark Plati describes Lisa recording on a David Bowie record (this server seems to be hosed as of 2002-04-15, hopefully it will come back to life)
April-July? 2001
Touring with Neil Finn (see video section)
April 2001
Stevie Nicks' "Trouble in Shangri-La" features Lisa (reported by Tim "StealthBear" on Sycophant email)
Lisa contributes to a record by Yann Tiersen
June/July 2000
Lisa tours with the Eels; but all but four of the planned June shows were cancelled, and there was much sadness on the Sycophant list from those who had hoped to see it
April 2000
Lisa tours with the Eels
October 1999
one-shot Lisa opens for Jon Brion
June 1999
NOW magazine reports that Lisa Germano is quitting the music business entirely.
April 1999
opening for (and playing with) the Latin Playboys


Sycophant mailing list
Sycophant archives
The only long-running Lisa Germano community, Sycophant has seen a significant drop in traffic but there are still messages once in a while.
iMusic Community - BBS
inactive, almost empty bbs
yahoo club
infrequently-used yahoo club


Morning Becomes Eclectic
Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW
with Neil Finn
Neil Finn, Lisa Germano, Sebastian Steinberg, etc., in Neil Finn's basement, November 9, 2001
with Neil Finn on (UK)
with Neil Finn on (Canada)
with Neil Finn on (Australia)
Neil Finn, Lisa Germano, Sebastian Steinberg, Johnny Marr in an intimitate venue (Borderline, London), almost two hours. Your choice of servers and windows media or realplayer.
Cry Wolf video
Video for Cry Wolf on


Planet Claire
Lisa Concert from Paris on French Internet Radio
WNYC: Spinning on Air
75-minute program intercutting interview and the Lullaby for Liquid Pig album
Morning Becomes Eclectic
Tuesday, July 21, 1998, on KCRW
Pre-show interview at RealPlayer
Performance at Schubas in Chicago at RealPlayer
Russ Harben's Lisa Germano page
excerpts from Happiness and The Darkest Night of All in AIFF format


The photo index is graphical, so it has its own page.


Penny Black Music interview>
Magnet Magazine interview
Salon Magazine interview excerpts
Hard luck, red wine and loneliness
High Road Touring interview excerpts
Lisa Germano Biography
In Music We Trust
INTERVIEW: Lisa Germano: Alcohol, Loneliness, Depression, and Isolation
Lullaby for Liquid Pig interview (as excerpts)
Geek The Girl-era interview
Lisa Germano . 4ad
Geek The Girl-era interview excerpts (maybe from a press release?)
Bloomington Voice interview
pre-Love Circus interview reproduced on eyesore
Lisa Germano. by Jeff Clark
Love Circus-era interview
4AD website
iMusic Indie Showcase - Lisa Germano on the ARTISTdirect Network
Love Circus-era interview from a press release (same interview at both links)


Lullaby For Liquid Pig lyrics
Lyrics to all the songs from Lullaby For Liquid Pig. Vetted by the mailing list.
Guillotine Love chords and tabs
Chords to almost all songs from Happiness, Geek the Girl, and Excerpts

Lisa Germano
very complete discography at eyesore, includes appearances on various artist collections
A Lisa Germano Discography
Renaut Ryckaert's discography, up to Love Circus
J0rgen Rose's: Lisa Germano
album-only discography up to Love Circus

Lisa Germano Lyrics
Always On the Run lyrics page. I'm positive I've seen this page before, I'm not sure why it wasn't up here.
Lisa Germano lyrics
Commercial lyrics page
Some Lisa Germano Songs Lyrics
Renaut Ryckaert's lyrics page, up to Love Circus

Album Reviews

Ectophiles - brief reviews of all albums from multiple readers
One Billion Robots December 94 - brief reviews of Moon Palace, Happiness, and Geek the Girl
In the Maybe World
Clouds and Clocks
Lullaby for Liquid Pig
Metacritic index of reviews
Pitchfork (8.5 of 10)
In MUsic We Trust
Clouds and Clocks
Pop Matters
E! Online (B+)
Boston Phoenix
Boston Herald (extremely brief) (3 of 4) (3.5 of 5) (8 of 10) (8 of 10)
Reviews of Lisa Germano | Slide, Randy Scruggs | Crown of Jewels, and P.A. | Straight No Chase
TWAS 191
Lisa Germano: Slide: Pitchfork Review
Eighth Notes: Lisa Germano - Slide
Lisa Germano: Slide: Pitchfork Review - Music Reviews: Lisa Germano, Randy Scruggs, P.A.
Lisa Germano: Slide
Willamette Week| Music
Music: Tiny Tunes (Weekly Alibi . 10-12-98)
dEcEmBeR ReCoRd RoUnDuP
Ink Nineteen: Lisa Germano
Lisa Germano's slide a real downer
Geek the Girl
see 'general' above
Happiness (4AD)
see 'general' above
On the Way Down From the Moon Palace
Lisa Germano - On the Way Down from the Moon Palace - January 28, 1999
Salon Entertainment | Sharps & Flats
Happiness (Capitol)
Reviews of Matthew Sweet | Altered Beast and Lisa Germano | Happiness
Excerpts From A Love Circus
TWAS 92: Pet, Scarlet, Cardigans, Lisa Germano
One Billion Robots issue 26
Lisa Germano - Excerpts From A Love Circus - Review
Quick Scans (November 28 - December 4, 1996)
Julene Snyder
Slush (OP8 featuring Lisa Germano)
OP8 featuring Lisa Germano
about that 911 call in Psycopath
scyophant mailing list
scyophant mailing list (see forwarded message at bottom)

Concert Reports

RAD Concert Review: Lisa Germano
Geek the Girl concert review
Concert Review: Lisa Germano - Tim Mohr
Geek the Girl concert review
(text file; no title)
Geek the Girl concert review
RAD Cyberzine (reproduced on Renaut Ryckaert's page; can't find the original)
Geek the Girl concert review
Tore's Concert Reviews: Lisa Germano: Archive 1997
Love Circus concert review
Live Reviews - Lisa Germano at Lee's Palace in Toronto
Live Reviews - Latin Playboys/Lisa Germano - April 21, 1999
Slide concert review
Latin Playboys very first gig at - 24 Mar 1999
Slide concert review

Biographical Info

Lisa Germano
Lisa Germano
John Mellencamp fan site's Lisa Germano info
Lisa Germano
Fiddlechicks--a site devoted to female violinists
Lisa Germano Mid
Geek the Girl-era bio



AMG All Music Guide
AllMusic guide with a brief bio, discography, list of other music she's appeared on
Yahoo! Music Lisa Germano Music Videos
Yahoo! Music, I don't think there's much there you can't find here.
Lisa Germano on the ARTISTdirect Network
Album Details
same bio as AMG
audio under the video section
RollingStone (this works without javascript)
RollingStone (this is the recommended permanent bookmark)
brief Love Circus-era bio, concert audio (Curiously, the artists at Rolling Stone get assigned numeric identifiers, and Lisa has id #1 !)


A Lisa Germano Geek Page
Renaut Ryckaert's page, most of the contents are indexed in the sections above
Lisa Germano
Jørgen Rose's page, most of the contents are indexed in the sections above
Lisa Germano
Russ Habern's page, most of the contents are indexed in the sections above

just-a-fan pages

Lisa Germano
This person likes Lisa

pages of links

(I think everything interesting on these sites is repeated here.)

foreign pages

The History of Rock Music. Lisa Germano: biography, discography, reviews, links
Italian LG page
Lisa Germano: Slide
Greek slide review

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